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The Supreme Court said recently that it will decide whether drug companies could be sued over allegations that they did not provide proper warnings for Reglan side effects and risks of other drugs, ABC News reports.

The Supreme Court will be considering whether or not federal law helped lead to the lawsuits, as the FDA had approved the specific drugs, the news provider said.

The court agreed to hear the appeals of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Mylan Inc’s UDL Laboratories and Actavis Inc., which is based in Iceland and manufactured Reglan, according to the news provider.

In the Actavis case, a US appeals court ruled that the drug company could face claims made by a woman who says the firm did not properly warn her of the risks. Julie Demahy sued the company under Louisiana law and claimed she developed a neurological disorder after the company did not properly warn of Reglan’s risks.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, another side effect of taking Reglan (metoclopramide injection) is the development of a muscle problem called tardive dyskinesia, which causes people to have unusual muscle movements.